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Highly profitable Running School looking for Partner


EDUCATION / Sports Training Business
  • Asking Price 25,000,000 INR
  • Business percentage on offer for sale 50 %
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Profitable running Pharmacy for sale in Premium Location


  • Asking Price 4,500,000 INR
  • Business percentage on offer for sale 50 %
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Business partnership plays a prominent role while coming to growth of the company. By Investing in partnership one can increase their scope of gaining knowledge over functionality of business and with realistic approach business partners can make solid profits from their investments.
A business partnership is a sort of legal relationship shaped by the understanding between two people to carry on a business as co-owners or partners. The partners in a business invest in the business, and every investor/partner has a share in the profits and losses.
The partners in a business must enroll with all states where the business works.Each can state their views towards forming several different kinds of partnerships, so it's important to know the possibilities (explained below) before you register.
A few organizations incorporate people who work in the business, while some partnerships may include people who have limited participation.
A partner, as not the same as an enterprise, is certainly not a different substance from the individual proprietors. A partnership is similar to a sole ownership or independent contractor business because in both of these businesses the business isn't separate from the owners, for liability purposes.

Advantages of a partnership include that:
  • two heads (or more) are better than one
  • Business partnership is easy to establish and start-up costs are low
  • more capital is available for the business
  • you’ll have greater borrowing capacity
  • high-calibre employees can be made partners
  • their's a chance to split the income which results in tax savings
  • partners’ business affairs are private
  • their is limited external regulation

Individuals or organizations who are willing to sell a particular percentage of their business can opt for business partnership at Bissko.Considering the need and prominence of partnership in business, bissko came up with a conceptualized platform to fill the vacuum between business owners and their partnership needs.

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